ZeeArts at Radisson Blu- Media City

DUBAYY: Musique et couleurs de Maurice au Radisson Blue

Mystic they are…!

It was an astounding honor for ZeeArts to associate with Radisson Blue-Media City to celebrate the Mauritian Promotion week from 17th to 22nd October. It was a mesmerizing event that promotes the culture and scrumptious food by the Mauritian Chef Hassan and the traditional Sega dance group was breathtaking for many of us it was the first experience. ZeeArts showcase as usual an ecstasy of her collection that make the viewers somehow traveled to the paradise island and discovered the extinct Dodo. It was a quintessential moment for most Mauritian living in Dubai to gather and network.

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ZeeArts Community is an Artist Activist platform with the prime objective to Connect Artists, Arts enthusiast and volunteers together to Create, inspire & educate the Community and to Celebrate Arts .
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