Children Book Illustration Workshop

ZeeArts in collaboration with Maraya Art Center organized a free workshop for “Children Book Illustration workshop” which is a project designed especially to trigger the imagination of children in relation to the theme of “Generosity.” This workshop aims to highlight the inner creativity of children and help them to put their thoughts on paper, write and talk about their personal stories. This workshop has raised up their self-esteem and empowered them for illustrating a book. The two consecutive Saturday session gave the children the opportunity to practice their imagination, writing and drawing skills. The passionate artists involved were Shefali, Wael, Mimi and Zaahirah who really enjoy this journey with the kids. However, the kids were proud to showcase their artworks and stories to their parents and went back with a take away of the word “Generosity” in their little mind. This is one of the objective of ZeeArts to give back to the community.

About ZeeArts Community

ZeeArts Community is an Artist Activist platform with the prime objective to Connect Artists, Arts enthusiast and volunteers together to Create, inspire & educate the Community and to Celebrate Arts .
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