ZeeArts Community Celebrate UAE National Day

43rd UAE National Day

Zeearts Community celebrates UAE National Day in collaboration with Dubai Outlet Mall, this is the 2nd Edition where artists perform a live painting show under the theme “My UAE” and juggling with only the four UAE Flag color (Red, Green, White and Black). It was a fun and amazing experience for the artists to Create, Connect and Celebrate the UAE National Day and interacting with the visitors who appreciate artists in action and were curious about the finishing of the artwork.
From 4h to 8hpm, the artists challenge them to create marvelous artworks, it was indeed a great success to communicate our appreciation and deep gratitude to the rulers of UAE for being part the growth and development of UAE. We are all an important asset and privilege to be in this part of the world.
The artists activists were Almed Al Husiani from UAE, Jocelyn from New Zeeland, Bibi from Nigeria, Remy from India, Milena from Bulgaria, Zainab from Oman, Badri from UAE, Sonu from India, Victor from Lukasa and Zaahirah from Mauritius. We would like to thank our sponsor & partner: Dubai Outlet Mall, Printz T-Shirt factory for their significant support and special thanks to all the participating artists.

About ZeeArts Community

ZeeArts Community is an Artist Activist platform with the prime objective to Connect Artists, Arts enthusiast and volunteers together to Create, inspire & educate the Community and to Celebrate Arts .
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2 Responses to ZeeArts Community Celebrate UAE National Day

  1. remroute says:

    Kudos to you ZeeArts!!! Thanks for giving us this platform!

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