Artistic Dialogue Workshop

Artistic Exchange Retreat, an initiative of ZeeArts in collaboration with Paragon Arts. Artist Dialogue workshop started at 10h am with a presentation of Omani artist by Mr Saeed Alalawi, followed by The Voice of the Artists where each artists was given 2 minutes to introduce themselves and their arts.

What is your Brand? This was an interactive session focusing on the person and his/her brand as an artists. The artists was proudly moving around to introduce their brand to each other. The artist was divided into 3 group and they had the task to brainstorm on ‘How to market your Arts?’ Impressive and productive outcome has been collected. We had a Role play by 4 volunteers presenting (How to approach a Gallery) we had two scenario, a good approach and a less confident approach.

We were honored to have the presence of Mr Jalal Luqman, the renown Emirati Artist; he presented  the Arts in UAE and inspire the emerging artists by his artistic journey. To conclude, we had an exchange dialogue on how we can build a sustainable artistic relationship with UAE-Oman. IMG_8757

About ZeeArts Community

ZeeArts Community is an Artist Activist platform with the prime objective to Connect Artists, Arts enthusiast and volunteers together to Create, inspire & educate the Community and to Celebrate Arts .
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